If you care about the financial security of your loved ones, then having an estate plan is a necessity. The definition of an estate is any property owned by you. So, if you own a home, have a savings or retirement account, or own a business, you have an estate. When you sit down with a qualified estate-planning attorney, you will find there are many ways to give what you have to whom you want, the way you want, when you want. Whether you are graduating from college, starting your first job, getting married, having a baby, dealing with illness, divorce or other major issues, your estate plan must change and grow with you. Wills and trusts are important parts of the puzzle, but caring for ourselves and our loved ones while they and we are alive is vital to the quality of the life we want to live.

At Estrada Law, our mission is to help our clients through the changes in life and to plan for whatever may come in the future. We are proud of our wide-ranging approach to meeting individual client needs. We make sure that you thoroughly understand the complicated tax, financial and legal terminology and concepts. We welcome your questions, and will work with you to implement plans that meet your needs, and the needs of your family and loved ones. You do not need to be wealthy to need an estate plan. In fact, everyone should have at very least a WILL, Durable Power of Attorney and Health Care Proxy.

Michele-UngvarskyMichele Ungvarsky, Esq.

Michele graduated from law school in December of 1994. She practiced law in Albuquerque until 2009 when she relocated to the Las Cruces area. Michele has a unique understanding of issues facing families during disability and health crises because her mother and father (who was suffering from advanced Alzheimer’s) moved in with her.  The family struggled with the health issues related to the costs and challenges of her father’s Alzheimer’s Dementia.  That is why, Michele is committed to helping families “PLAN IT FORWARD” so there are comprehensive plans in place in the case of disability or death.

Nancy Arellano

Nancy is the first person you will speak with when you call E-Law on the phone.  She will make sure you receive the attention you deserve and schedule your appointment.  Nancy also makes sure the probates are filed with the courts in a timely and efficient manner.