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Simplify Life with a Bill Paying Service

If you are a senior or have a loved one who is struggling with the process of paying their household bills, Silver Bills can eliminate the task and alleviate the worry about proper handling of monthly bills. As many baby boomers continue to opt for aging in place, home administrative tasks can become difficult. Family members who would like to help may live out of state or are too busy in their own careers to manage a loved one’s household bills. Silver Bills has created a seamless service that will handle bill paying on your behalf.

How a Bill Paying Service Works

At your direction, Silver Bills will mail you an enrollment packet. You will need to provide bills and one voided check to Silver Bills in the envelope they provide. Silver Bills then converts your bills to “ebills”. Once enrolled in the service you will have a dedicated customer service representative that will assist you with any concerns or questions. Silver Bill’s service will receive, review, and ensure that your bills are paid. The service guarantees that you will not incur late fees or penalties.

Benefits of Utilizing a Bill Paying Service

Automating your bills through a bill paying service is becoming more commonplace particularly for seniors 75 and older. A bill paying service means you will no longer need to go to the mailbox or PO Box on a regular basis to look for bills. You will also not need to purchase stamps, worry about due dates, or write checks.  Once a month you will receive a statement showing your bills have been paid. There are no contracts; you can cancel your service at any time. Silver Bills uses the same 256-bit encryption used by banks so that your transactions are secure.

Additional  Information and Tips

Silver Bills is one of a growing number of daily money management companies. The services are typically expensive ($100 and up, per month) but the peace of mind a family can have knowing the day-to-day bills are being correctly handled is worth the price to many. The American Association of Daily Money Managers is an online resource that can help you find the right professional service for you or your loved one. Always ask for references and check accreditations before allowing access to your banking information.  You should also be aware that these bill paying services do not act as accountants or financial advisers. They are similar to having a personal financial assistant with the added bonus of consumer advocacy because they look for bill errors and potential fraud.

There are many reasons that accurate bill paying becomes unmanageable for seniors. SilverBills and services like them can help. Talk with your family or advisor to see if it is the right choice for you.  For assistance in planning for your future, contact Estrada Law  in Las Cruces, NM at 575-222-2880.

About the author

Michele Ungvarsky

Michele graduated from law school in December of 1994. She practiced law in Albuquerque until 2009 when she relocated to the Las Cruces area. Michele has a unique understanding of issues facing families during disability and health crises because her mother and father (who was suffering from advanced Alzheimer’s) moved in with her. The family struggled with the health issues related to the costs and challenges of her father’s Alzheimer’s Dementia. That is why, Michele is committed to helping families “PLAN IT FORWARD” so there are comprehensive plans in place in the case of disability or death.